And i am been working in translation industry since 2007. I offer my knowledge and expertise in legal translation, UI and Web localization, editing and MT post-editing to help customers and enterprises looking for cooperation with a reliable and careful italian language professional.

My mission is to ease communication between Italian- and English-, French-, and Japanese-speaking audience, as well as to support customers’ growth in the Italian market.

In every task I am assigned, I take care of linguistic matters, of course, but I work also to manage seamlessly all steps of translation/editing workflow, from first evaluation to pre- and post-delivery checks.

– Mimma

IT & Web Loc
Editing & MTPE

(2021 data – Total: 520k words)


Here are some steps of my workflow:

You get in touch with me, I check out the files you need to be translated or edited, and we arrange all the terms, deadlines and priorities. Then I send you my estimate and wait for your confirmation and file kit.
We define further details, then I start creating the relevant glossary, where applicable, and working on real task.
I take care of the translation or editing project. After the first draft is done, I proceed with a second reading and QA checks.
I go on to finalize the task. I send you the deliverables, wait for your feedback and apply final corrections, if any.

For further details, read about my expertise areas below or fill the contact form.

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Services I provide include translation and editing from English, French and Japanese into Italian. To optimize time and results, I use computer-aided translation (CAT), term management and QA check tools. My main expertise areas are Business & Legal Translation, IT & Web Localization, and Machine-Translation Post-Editing, with a broad real work experience and commitment to continuous professional development (CPD).

Every text related to Legal & Business field – like contracts, business docs, warranties, terms of use, policies and so on - encompasses a specific set of ideas and concepts that should be conveyed accurately. This is why my first concern is to understand clearly involved parts and relationships to guarantee term accuracy and style command, with great care of customers' confidential data.
UI and Web localization, together with marcom translation, implies a neater adaptation of contents, focusing on specific culture and conventions of local market/audience. In other words, localization aims at making those contents (related to software and hardware products, Web sites, etc.) as usable as possible to prevent the sense of confusion that could arise from strange concepts to target culture and language. A typical example is an English text containing sports metaphors taken from baseball, that could be adapted with metaphors referred to football universe in Italian, as they are more familiar to Italian final users and readers. Thanks to my experience, I am aware of challenges and technical requirements to meet (i.e. length restrictions, use of industry-standard and product terminology, adherence to style guide) for the best rendering.
Editing and MT post-editing goal is to check translation accuracy on different levels, including spelling, grammar, syntax, terminology, and adherence to style guide. While editing is addressed to review the work done by other (human) translators, post-editing consists in reviewing and fixing machine-translated (MT) contents, that are processed and built using automated translation engines. Over the years I have developed a robust check procedure that allows me to provide both services in an accurate and thorough manner.


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